Monitored Software Scores

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Monitored Software Scores

Through the monitored software scores dashboard, it is possible to check and monitor the scores of calls made by collaboration software such as Microsoft Teams.

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Quality Metrics

The Collaboration Dashboard examines collaboration applications that provide underlying quality data.

Through our integration with Microsoft Teams, we offer several quality metrics to evaluate user experience and platform performance.
These metrics are essential to ensure efficient communication and collaboration within teams.

Here are some of the key quality metrics associated with Microsoft Teams:

Audio Quality:

  • Audio packet loss rate.
  • Jitter (variation in delay between audio packets).
  • Audio latency.

Video Quality:

  • Frame rate per second.
  • Video resolution.
  • Video latency.

VBSS Quality

  • The VBSS (Video Based Screen Sharing) metric in Microsoft Teams refers to a video-based screen sharing technology. VBSS is a performance improvement method used when screen sharing in calls or meetings in Microsoft Teams.

Quality of Experience

  • User satisfaction surveys after meetings or calls.
  • User feedback on call quality.

Call Quality

  • Number of successful calls versus failed calls.
  • Average call duration.
  • Call setup time.
image 4 Monitored Software Scores

To find out where to access and how to carry out this integration, access this link.

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Monitored Software Scores

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