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About Almaden

Technology Unleashes Employee Productivity and Satisfaction.

Almaden is a Digital Experience Management company, headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in Brazil and the UK, which leverages AI and deep systems knowledge, correlated with user insights, to ensure maximum user productivity and job satisfaction.

Company leaders buy tech expecting great work from employees, yet those same employees are often hindered by products functioning less than optimally. Whether working in the office or remotely, employees can benefit from timely, intelligent assistance that proactively advises of issues and how to resolve them and is capable of smart corrective actions when appropriate. Integrated with IT asset and change management systems, Almaden solutions enable Operations teams to effectively perform their roles while ensuring security and privacy compliance.

About Almaden Collective IQ®

Collective IQ® continuously enhances the digital experience of end users to increase satisfaction, productivity, and results.

CIQ® takes advantage of deep knowledge and machine learning with data obtained from integration with third-party applications for productivity, collaboration, IT Service Management and more.

The CIQ® product complements IT’s portfolio of application, change management, and ticketing solutions to improve the caliber of its support while empowering users to help themselves.

It is a solution to enhance remote and on-premise worker satisfaction for the delivery of timely business results.

User Profile

Profiles are individualized for each user. The profile is selected by clicking on the user’s


Overview of user experience The Experience Panel provides a high-level view of user satisfaction. Displaying

Devices Score

Devices Score Dashboards The Device Score Dashboards look at company devices to advise performance and


Collaboration Dashboard The Collaboration Panels examine collaboration applications that provide underlying quality data. A good

Business Applications

The Business Applications Panel highlights the performance and availability of applications, along with a view

User Sentiment

The User Sentiment Panel shows user perceptions based on machine score analysis and user-provided sentiment

Green IT Dashboard

The Green IT Panel indicates energy consumption and computer shutdowns, with details and filtered views

Admin Settings

Admin settings are used by IT administrators who have been granted access and appropriate privileges


AlmaAI® is the family name for the Generative AI features that are part of Collective

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