Collective IQ®APIs

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Collective IQ® Public APIs

Collective IQ APIs are available for customers using CIQ Business Edition.

Note: API access is not available for customers of CIQ® Essential Edition. If you want to access the Collective IQ APIs you will need to upgrade your account from Collective IQ Essential Edition to CIQ Business Edition.

The Collective IQ APIs are documented using Swagger. The API gives you access to the DEX information available as part of Collective IQ.

Collective IQ Public API

Swagger Documentation Links

Collective IQ APIs are documented at https://lad1-ciq.almaden.app/gateway/almaden-docs/ At this time you can only access information through the AIP, you don’t have the ability to update or add new data.

All of the DEX score information, and device information, is available through the CIQ public APIs.

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Collective IQ®APIs

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