User Sentiment

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User Sentiment

In the user’s sentiment, it is possible through questioning to validate the user’s opinion about the use of the collaboration application.
The evaluation and score can be checked in the last two columns.

  • (Red) Less than 4.50;
  • (Yellow) Between 4.50 and 7.50;
  • (Blue) Greater than 7.50;
  • (Gray) No data.

User Sentiment >Device Sentiment

User Sentiment

Mouse over the desired color to view total devices and percentage:

image 228 User Sentiment

Filter by hostname or data periods:

image 229 User Sentiment

You can filter devices by:

  • Continent;
  • Country;
  • State;
  • Department;
  • Work style;
  • Operational system.
image 230 User Sentiment
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User Sentiment

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