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AlmaAnalysis makes use of Generative AI to spot patterns in various metrics collected by CIQ, determine the most relevant high-value data, and recommend solutions to improve the user experience of devices selected for analysis. Data analyzed includes CPU, Memory, Disk, and Errors among others.

All actions with Alma Analysis are made possible by simple point-and-click, no-code selections. This makes it easy for IT Staff members and IT Guest Users to leverage the power of Generative AI without having to develop complex prompts.

How to Use AlmaAnalysis

  • Click the AlmaAnalysis icon on the CIQ menu bar.
  • Select a maximum of 12 devices that you want analyzed. Any device may be unchecked if you decide to analyze a different device. There is also a Clear Selection button if you want to start over selecting devices.
  • Click Analyze Devices to proceed with the analysis. AlmaAnalysis returns a screen showing the issues found and the devices that were affected.
  • Click Show Recommendations to see likely solutions.
  • Click the Up or Down Thumb to advise if the information was useful and to help improve the ranking of presented recommendations. (Note that the Up Thumb changes to green and the Down Thumb changes to red when selected.)
  • Click the Back button to return to the prior screen; or Click the “–“ icon to see device data without restarting the analysis of newly selected devices; or Click the “X” icon to start a new analysis with newly selected devices. In all cases, you can Click the AlmaAnalysis icon to continue analyzing devices.
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