Performance Data

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Performance Data

By clicking on the Performance data option, we open the drill-down, where it is possible to verify the scores related to the consumption of:
Devices >Hardware Performance >Performance Data

  • CPU;
  • Memory;
  • Disk consumption.
Performance Data

Scrolling down the page, we have the collection points, which can be filtered by day, month or year:

image 143 Performance Data

Clicking on the CPU options will display the scores at the computers level, Where in addition to the computer’s individual score, you can see details such as:
Computer name, user, Department, manufacturer, among other information.

The graph will be displayed divided into colors by consumption:

CPU Score

For even more specific information, click on the name of the computer, where the machine sheet:

image 149 Performance Data

The machine sheet, which is the last level of Drill-Down, contains information such as:

  • Experience Score;
  • Device Score;
  • Score by hardware and performance;
  • Windows updates;
  • Score of approved software;
  • Windows error events;
  • Windows WMI errors.

Performance Data

image 150 Performance Data


image 151 Performance Data

Stability and Configuration:

image 152 Performance Data

Note that there is the compare dates button , which can be used to make comparisons according to the collection date.

image 155 Performance Data
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Performance Data

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