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AlmaAI® is the family name for the Generative AI features that are part of Collective IQ® Business edition. These Generative AI features include:

  • AlmaAnalysis – AlmaAnalysis™ spots patterns in various metrics collected by CIQ, determines the most relevant high-value data, and recommends solutions to improve the user experience of the analyzed devices.
  • AskAlma – AskAlma™ is intended for use by the Helpdesk and similar roles within a company. It enables them to proactively investigate issues for groups of users or individuals. These may be things that impede user productivity and could be unreported.
  • AlmaPredict – AlmaPredict™ enables the helpdesk, and similar roles within a company, to proactively anticipate issues for groups of users or individuals, where the IT Staff member selects questions about devices and experiences as they are anticipated to be in the future based on trending data.
  • Issues To Focus On Today – Issues to Focus on Today uses Generative Al to spot patterns in various metrics (including CPU, Memory, Disk, and Errors, among others) collected and analyzed by CIQ to help IT service desk personnel prioritize their work.

These features enable IT Administrators to simplify their fault-finding and analysis processes. AlmaPredict facilitates the ‘What If’ style of questions that IT is asked daily.

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