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AskAlma™ makes use of Generative Al to spot patterns in various metrics collected by CIQ, determine the most relevant high value data, and recommend solutions to improve the user experience of devices selected for analysis. Data analyzed includes CPU, Memory, Disk, Errors, among others. AskAlma™ is intended for questions about devices and experiences as they are today.

All actions with AskAlma are made possible by simple point-and-click, no-code selections. This makes it easy for IT Staff members and IT Guest Users to leverage the power of Generative Al without having to develop complex prompts.

How to Use AskAlma™

  • Select a Category from the dropdown box
  • Select a Question or create a new question. If using an existing question, scroll down to the desired question or use Search. When done click Next.
  • Select a maximum of 12 devices from the list of devices. Filter or Search as needed. Change the Sort By as desired, the default being by Score (the most frustrating being at the top of the list). Not selected Devices may be hidden for convenient viewing of selected Devices.
  • Click Ask Now when done.
  • The following screen shows the Devices and Recommendations. If multiple Devices share criteria, there will be a button to display Recommendations. At any time, a Device name may be clicked for more details and there may appear links to additional information.
  • When done, there is the opportunity to rate the provided information and ask Another Question. The “-“ button atop the page enables the Recommendations window to be “minimized” and the “x” closes the AskAlma™ window. When minimized, clicking again on the AskAlma™ button enables a return to where work was paused.
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