Issues to Focus on Today™

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Issues to Focus on Today™ makes use of Generative Al to spot patterns in various metrics (including CPU, Memory, Disk, Errors, among others) collected and analyzed by CIQ to help IT service desk personnel prioritize their work. Data is based on the most recent 24-hour period.

When issues have been corrected, the affected devices should evidence improvement in the DEX graphs during the next collection. This could be verified by evaluating those graphs, doing a drill-down, or looking at a device’s score over time.

How to use Issues to Focus on Today (ITFOT)

  • ITFOT is located on the right side of the Collective IQ™ home page. It shows the number of issues found (if any) that ought to be addressed by IT. These could fall into the categories of Devices, Collaboration, Business Applications, and Green IT.
  • Detected issues are highlighted within a category. Select the issues to be investigated.
  • Click the “+” symbol to see a list of devices and the Show Recommendations button.
  • Click on a Device to see details. The browser’s back button may be clicked to return to the ITFOT page.
  • Click Show Recommendations to see how the detected issues might be resolved.
  • Click the thumbs up or thumbs down button to rate the quality of the information provided or just click the “x” button to close the ITFOT window. The “-“ button minimizes the window and clicking again on ITFOT returns to where work was paused.
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Issues to Focus on Today™

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