Software Metering

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Software Metering

The Software Metering Report aims to measure the usage of Software or Executables on the inventoried machines.

It is possible to extract a report for the last 30 days and check if the software was used (if not used, a message will indicate incomplete data for report generation).

If you want a longer or specific period, you can filter the start and end dates.

The listing will always follow the choice between Software or Executables. They are pre-identified by the tool itself, and you can also extract the report for a single asset or a list, with the option to filter by Department of the machines.

If desired, you can save a Profile for the report, allowing for quick future extractions, or you can generate it on the screen with the option to export the generated listing.

Like all other reports, you will have the option to edit or view it after creating your profile.

Software Metering
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Software Metering

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