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Inventory Hardware – Machine Details

Inventory Hardware Machine Sheet

The data Machine profile for this device gathers all the details associated with the specific asset in question. The information is structured and divided into relevant sections, presented in details of inventory hardware, to facilitate understanding of the main characteristics of the device.

At the top of the sheet, the hostname and the current status of the device are displayed, based on the most recent data collected. In addition, there’s a QR code that simplifies the process of locating this specific equipment. Also at the top, we find a summary of the device’s hardware specifications.

Complementing the information, graphs are provided that illustrate the percentage of consumption and the basic performance of the equipment, facilitating visualization and understanding of its overall performance.

image 86 Machine Profile
  • Avg. CPU: Average percentage of CPU usage over the last 30 days.
  • Avg. Memory: Average percentage of RAM memory usage (Over 100% indicates that there is consumption of virtual memory)
  • Used Disk: Percentage of the device’s storage usage.
image 87 Machine Profile

Device Hardware Inventory – Machine Details

In this part of the equipment inventory sheet, SmartCenter details the main information collected by our data collection agents.

image 88 Machine Profile

Disk details

It details the disks and partitions of the equipment, demonstrating the percentage of consumption for each partition.

image 89 Machine Profile
  • Model: Storage model.
  • Revision: Specific version of the installed firmware.
  • Manufacturer: Storage manufacturer.
  • System Serial Number: Storage serial number.
  • Total Size: Total storage size in GB.

NOTE: It is necessary for the manufacturer to have made the information available in the Firmware so that our agents can extract the information and display it in SmartCenter. If there are empty fields or visibly incorrect information, it is due to the absence of the respective information in the hardware.

Change Management

It shows the changes that the equipment underwent as they were collected by our agents, along with relevant information for tracking the moment or possible person responsible for the change.

  • Initial Date: Initial date related to the search for changes.
  • Final Date: Final date related to the search for changes.
  • Resource: Desired resource in the search for changes (Hardware, Software, Network, and Average).
image 90 Machine Profile

Change Management – Hardware

In the hardware changes block, it is possible to select the type of characteristic that should be displayed in the report. These include: Processor, Memory, CD-ROM, Fixed Disk, Logical Drive, Remote Disk, Removable Disk, Memory Slot, PCI Slot, USB Device, and Video Adapter.

image 91 Machine Profile

Change Management – Software

In the software changes block, it is possible to select the type of event that should be displayed in the report. These include: Installed, Removed, and Present (when the software was already present when the agent was installed).

image 92 Machine Profile

Change Management – Network

In the network changes block, it is possible to select the type of configuration change that should be displayed in the report. These can include: DNS, DNS V6, Domain, Gateway, Gateway V6, Hostname, Network Interface, IP Address, IP Address V6, Current User, Netmask.

image 93 Machine Profile

Change Management – Midia

In the media changes block, changes are displayed for everything that could have been physically used to bring or extract information from the equipment. These could be: CD-ROM, Fixed Disk, Logical Drive, Remote Disk, and Removable Disk.

image 94 Machine Profile

Device Software Inventory

In this part of the device inventory sheet, SmartCenter displays all the packages installed on the equipment. Whenever possible, we group them into products and define whether the software is licensable or not in a corporate environment, as well as its classification. The softwares not yet grouped by product will be displayed as “others”.

Another piece of information demonstrated in this section is the approval status of this software in the software approval process.

Software – Licensing

  • Licensable: A licensable software is a computer program that is made available to the user upon obtaining a legal license. This license establishes the terms and conditions governing the use of the software, defining the user’s rights and restrictions regarding the program.
  • Not Licensable: Software that does not provide means of contracting or license key.
  • Unknown: All software not yet grouped by product will be shown as others and in the case of licensing status, as unknown.
Interface gráfica do usuário, Aplicativo

Descrição gerada automaticamente

Software – Approval / Homologation

Software Approval Status in the Approval Process

  • Approved: Software that has been marked as approved for use in the environment.
  • Unapproved: Software that has been marked as not approved for use in the environment.
  • Undefined: Software that has not yet been marked with any approval status.
image 95 Machine Profile

Software – Installed Products

In the Search of this list, it is possible to search for any part of any information displayed in the block, in addition to being able to switch between pages and how the information will be displayed, whether grouped by product or not.

image 96 Machine Profile


In the geolocation section, it is possible to view the last known location of the device and switch to historical information.

image 97 Machine Profile


In the attachments management section, all the files attached to the equipment are displayed, and it is possible to attach more files. This section also displays the percentage of space consumption assigned to the account. If the same file is attached to multiple pieces of equipment, only one copy is kept, and a new link is created with the new equipment.

image 98 Machine Profile

Custom Form

In this section, the custom forms attached to the equipment are displayed along with the information filled in them and with the possibility of punctual/individual completion of this information.

image 99 Machine Profile
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