Verbose Logging on ADA/ASA Linux

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Collecting verbose log on ADA/ASA linux.

Access the directory below and stop the Agent.

# cd /opt/automatos/ada/bin/
# ./aengine -stop
# ./arelay -stop
stop the Agent

Another possibility is to use the command below:

# service aengine stop
# service arelay stop

To check the status of the Almaden Agent, run the command:

#./aengine -status
#./arelay -status
image 52 Verbose Logging on ADA/ASA Linux

Verbose mode configuration

After stopping the Agent and Relay (If applicable), edit the configuration file in the path below with the editor of your choice.

# cd /opt/automatos/ada/etc
# vim aengine.cfg
image 53 Verbose Logging on ADA/ASA Linux

Change the last 0 of the variable below to 7 as shown in the image.

$VERBOSITY = 0x00000000 > $VERBOSITY = 0x00000007

image 54 Verbose Logging on ADA/ASA Linux

After changing, save and exit.

Starting Almaden Agent

To start the Agent and Relay, simply follow the procedure at the beginning, changing “stop” to “start”.

# service aengine start
# service arelay start

Almaden Agent Logs

Agent Almaden’s logs are in the path below.

# cd /var/opt/automatos/ada/
image 55 Verbose Logging on ADA/ASA Linux

The example refers to ADA, the same procedure can be done if it is for ASA Agent, just changing the path.

# cd /var/opt/automatos/asa/
  • The Agent log has the extension: “.elog”
  • The Relay log has the extension: “.rlog”

After configuring it for verbose mode, leave the collection for approximately 30 minutes.

Copy the log files and send them to us via ticket so that our analysts can check them.

Stopping collection in verbose mode

To disable collection in verbose mode, simply follow the above process again by changing the variable:

  • “$VERBOSITY = 0x00000007” para “$VERBOSITY = 0x00000000”

Note: After collecting, do not leave the Agent/Relay configured in verbose mode.

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Verbose Logging on ADA/ASA Linux

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