Power Management

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Power Management

Power management aligned with green IT. Allows the creation of different energy plans on a large scale, including variations between departments or machines that operate at alternate times.

The settings are the same as those available for Windows Operating Systems. When connected to power or battery, it enables configuring the time for display shutdown, suspension, or screen brightness percentage settings.

It is also possible to lock users from changing the applied power plan, aiming to generate more consistent evaluation reports of the plan. Once the power plans are created and applied, based on a Consumption Evaluation Metric, it is possible to generate a Configured Machine Balance Report.

For the machines where the rule can be applied, it will provide its score (ranging from 1 to 5, with 1 indicating lower consumption and 5 indicating higher consumption) and visually represented through colored points for evaluation.

Machines listed as “Not Applicable,” due to certain rules, OS, or other reasons, are not included in the applied Power Plan.

Power Management
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Power Management

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