Microsoft Azure AD (Authentication)

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Microsoft Azure AD (Authentication)

What is Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive cloud platform that can host your existing applications and simplify the development of new applications.

Azure can even enhance on-premises applications. It integrates the cloud services you need to develop, test, deploy, and manage your applications, all while taking advantage of cloud computing efficiencies.

With all the services that Azure offers, it can be an intimidating task to figure out which services you need to support your solution architecture.
This section highlights the Azure services typically used by developers. For a list of all Azure services, refer to the Azure Documentation.
Source: https://docs.microsoft.com/pt-br/azure/guides/developer/azure-developer-guide#what-is-azure

SmartCenter and Azure AD Integration The purpose of this integration is to enable login to SmartCenter using users managed in Microsoft Azure AD.
All of this is achieved through an Application created as a “Group,” containing the users available for login to SmartCenter.
This way, it is possible to grant access to specific users or the entire organization.

To complete the integration, follow the steps by clicking here.

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Microsoft Azure AD (Authentication)

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