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This functionality allows administrators or account holders to allows access control to the features that each user or group has, causing specific items not be displayed when accessed by the limited account.

Permissions can be granted to users or groups.
If permission is granted to a user and the same user is later added to a group, Group permissions will be validated and granted.

Each user can only be added to 01 group.
If this user is in a group and is later added to another group, the permissions of the last group this user was added to will be granted by default.


Manage groups

The Manage groups functionality allows administrators to manage groups in an organization.
Groups are logical collections of users that can be used to facilitate collaboration, as well as to configure  view resources and services.

image 29 Permissions

The Manage groups functionality includes the following options:

Edit group: Administrators can edit a group’s information, including the name, description.

image 34 Permissions
  • Add subaccounts: Administrators can add or remove users from groups, as well as assign roles to group members.
image 35 Permissions
  • Edit Permission: Allows Group/individual management of accesses and specific actions of the Smartcenter portal, removing them from a group/subaccount or adding exceptions if this user already belongs to a group.
image 36 Permissions
  • Delete group: Administrators can delete groups that are no longer needed.
image 37 Permissions

Groups/User Permissions

Allows individual management of accesses and specific actions of the Smartcenter portal, removing them from a specific subaccount or adding exceptions if this user already belongs to a group.

The view is essential for the other permissions because without the view, the other options cannot be managed.

Permission to view

The View permission allows Users/Group to view information about devices and hardware in an organization.
This includes the ability to view information such as name, type, serial number, and device status.

image 49 Permissions

When deselecting this option (View), all others related to the menu will automatically be disabled.

image 50 Permissions

If you want to give the user permission to view only, without any other specific permissions, uncheck all other permissions and leave only the view permission.

image 51 Permissions

Specific permissions:

As in the custom report permissions example, you can grant or remove specific permissions.

image 38 Permissions

Inventory > Custom Data Create new.
Allows users to create new custom data attributes.

image 41 Permissions

Inventory > Custom Data Edit
Allows users to edit existing custom data attributes.

image 42 Permissions

Inventory > Custom Data Delete.
Allows users to delete custom data attributes.

image 43 Permissions

Inventory > Custom Data Report.
Allows users to view reports on custom data.

image 44 Permissions

Inventory > Custom Data Export.
Allows users to export custom data to a CSV file.

image 45 Permissions

Allows users to import custom data from a CSV file.

image 46 Permissions

Inventory > Custom Data Association
Allows users to associate custom data attributes with devices, and other assets.

image 47 Permissions

Note: The example of permissions used in the custom data menu follows the same pattern for all permission menus in SmartCenter.

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