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Changes Report

Relatório que consolida eventos relacionados à adição e remoção de dispositivos de hardware, instalação e desinstalação de software, alterações de rede e inserção e remoção de dispositivos de mídia.

Agora, com a possibilidade de extrair informações massivamente, por departamentos e por equipamentos.

  • Para Notebooks e Desktops, estão disponíveis alterações de hardware, software, rede e mídia.
  • For Servers, only hardware and software changes are available.

Access the report according to the instructions below:

image 5 Changes

Server and desktop change reports.

Change report.

When accessing the report, inform:

  • Initial date:
  • Final date:
  • Departments: (Of the machines that will be part of the report)
  • Assets: (which will be part of the report)
  • Resources: Select all the resources you want to see changes within the specified period, in this case as we want to see changes login logout select NETWORK > Current User, Then click filter
image 6 Changes

It is possible to export all the information to be analyzed in Excel, just click on the export button at the end of the page or search for a Hostname, username for a more detailed extraction as per the example below.

image 7 Changes

To extract, click the export button.

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